WE WON! We Axed The Period Pants Tax

A campaign calling on the UK Government to remove the unfair 20% VAT charge on period pants is expected to be announced by the Chancellor from 1st Jan 2024! Contact us hello@wuka.co.uk for more information.

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With 100,000 signatures the UK Government must debate our campaign in parliament. This would be a huge step forward for equality.


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Meet the team

Chella Quint, Menstrual Activist

Chella Quint is a writer, designer, performer, educator, and the UK's leading expert on menstrual literacy. Founder of #periodpositive, she developed the Period Positive Pledge, advising on regional and national policy on menstruation education and period poverty.

Ella Daish, Environmental Activist

Ella Daish is an activist and environmentalist who has been campaigning since early 2018 to eliminate all plastic from period products. Her award winning campaign has over 234,000 signatures and is going from strength to strength with supermarkets and manufacturers starting to listen and make significant changes.

Ruby Raut, Entrepreneur

Ruby is an entrepreneur and founder of period pants company WUKA and started a campaign to remove period pants tax, so sustainable period products are affordable and accessible to all people that have period.

Sarah Olney, Liberal Democrat

Sarah Olney is the Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Transport and International Trade. She is passionate about supporting small British businesses and entrepreneurs.

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